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I’m married to Andrea, the most amazing wife and champion of the ministry that God could have blessed me with. We have two kids – Emerson and Avalynn – both are growing up way to fast.


When I am not running our kids to and from school, piano lessons, hockey or gymnastics this is how I keep myself busy:
• I’m an independent singer-songwriter and worship artist
• I’m a busy public speaker, usually in support of Compassion International and Compassion Canada.
• I have recently have been trying to be more like Jesus by getting my hands dirty…literally. Think Fixer Upper or Flip or Flop (HGTV).

You can help me keep “Kraft Dinner” or “Spaghetti” on the table by booking me to speak or sing in your neck of the woods.


14 years ago when Jesus called my wife and I to this ministry we sensed Jesus ask us the question – What does it mean to worship me? In response we realized that worship is not just the songs, but also the life that we live and the generous living that Jesus calls us to. So as we minister we desire to encourage people to go to the cross of Jesus – but also encourage them to then take the cross to this hurting world

So the songs and stories that I share from stage reveal God’s love, faithfulness, and compassion – and as I share them I prayer that others are encouraged in the journey with Jesus and in response they sing & live out their worship as well.