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How did you and Andrea meet?

We met at the University of Alberta during a Campus Crusade for Christ spaghetti dinner. I say it was love at first sight but she said it was love at first laugh. I love to laugh and make other people laugh and so this is what she saw in me first. I wish it was my good looks….but I will need to Photoshop that in. :-)
After finishing University we both went on a missions project together – Youth With a Mission. After this great and growing experience in Missions together we got home and were married shortly thereafter.

How Long Have you Been doing Ministry?

I have been a worship leader for 22 years and leading worship almost every month since this time and often weekly. Andrea and I have been doing full-time music ministry for the last 12 years.

Where do you minister?

Jesus has taken our family across the globe. Each year we sing or speak across Canada, the United States, Germany and Asia. But where you minister is where I’d love to minister next. We love to make new ministry friends as we serve Jesus.

How often are you on the road?

In the early years it was easier for our family to tour together around the world. Each month you would have expected to see us on the road in our motorhome or in the air flying to engagements as a family sometimes 150–200 dates a year. Now with our kids in elementary school, we try to be home more and away less to give more stability to our family. So while the family aims to minister together as much as possible, I am out in about 70–90 cities a year – some of those are with the family and sometimes Andrea holds the fort down while I am out.

Where do you live now?

Home base for us is primarily St. Albert, Alberta Canada – but I am often down in Nashville as a US home base.

What is your background?

I grew up and still my home church is in the Christian and Missionary Alliance group of Churches and went on to Bible School at North American Baptist College and this was followed by a 6-month missions experience with Youth With a Mission. But for the last 14 years I have worshiped across the globe with so many friends from so many denominations including – Baptists, Christian and Missionary Alliance, Pentecostals, Calvary Chapels, Vineyards, Catholics, Methodists, Mennonites, and Presbyterians, and non-denominational churches. The roots of worship of each of these friends have taught me so much that we all have in common.