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News from February 2011


February 8, 2011

Hey Guys…I’m really excited that two of my new singles were just released to iTunes and AMAZON MP3 today! Love for you to check them out. Here are the links to listen and buy if you like them. iTUNES or AMAZON MP3

Where is Jesus?

February 5, 2011

Last week it was my mom’s birthday. My wife and I had asked my parents if they would babysit so we could go out for a dinner and movie. Little did my mom know, that there was a surprise birthday dinner waiting for her when they showed up. That afternoon my son Emerson went out to the dollar store to buy some helium balloons, some birthday hats (Thomas the Train of course) and some birthday noise makers (again…Thomas the train…Emerson, I mean my mom’s favorite train).

After we got home and started to decorate the kitchen with all we bought I asked Emerson if we had invited Jesus to the birthday. He said in his cute little voice “no know if we vited Jesus”. I said should we pray and ask Jesus to be here tonight with us. As he agreed we prayed and asked Jesus to come. With that in mind, Emerson worked hard to set out a chair, and a Thomas Party Hat, and a noisemaker for Jesus.

Everyone arrived, my mom was surprised, and we all sat down for the birthday dinner together. For some reason we miscalculated chairs and someone had taken Jesus’ seat. Emerson without hesitation, said, “no, no that is Jesus seat…..where is Jesus”?

I said to Emerson, “well did we invite Jesus to come to the birthday?” he replied “yes”. “Did we set a chair and hat out for Jesus?” again he said “yes”. “Then he is here with us”, I said. “But I no see Jesus!”, he said.

I explained that Jesus is a little like the angels. Every night we pray that God would put his angels around his bed to protect him and give him a good sleep. Even though we can’t see the angels, we know they are there. I explained that the same is true of Jesus. We can’t see him with our eyes, but the Bible promises that when we invite him, he will show up. With the faith of a child, Emerson looked at the chair and saw Jesus and he was happy that Jesus had showed up.

As i sat and pondered this moment in Emerson’s life, i couldn’t help but think about my own. How my views, attitudes, actions, and words would be different if i constantly put out the chair for Jesus. If I asked him hourly to show up as I went throughout my daily routines and then looked through the eyes of faith to see Him there. Even today as I type this thought to my web page, I am challenged to ask “Where is Jesus?”. May my day be very different today Jesus as I see you show up!