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The Glorious Unfolding Tour

March 19, 2014

After a very successful 15 date US Tour with Francesca Battistelli, Sanctus Real, & All Things New (continuing Fall of 2014), Jon will be home in Canada for two dates with Grammy & Dove Award winning artist Steven Curtis Chapman for two Alberta shows in Calgary and Red Deer this 16/17 May 2014. The show will also feature legendary Geoff Moore of (Geoff Moore and the Distance) who will also speak on behalf of that evening.

“Tickets are available here!”

Happy Birthday Jesus

December 23, 2013

I walked into my daughter Avalynn’s preschool class a month ago and saw “THE LINE” on the wall.

“THE LINE” that if you write your name down FIRST enables YOU and ONLY YOU to help out in the classroom on that date..

These lines don’t come up often and I jumped at the chance and I claimed my spot and wrote my name down hastily. I even told the teacher as I signed my name up that I could bring my guitar and sing with the kids if she wanted. I put the date on my calendar excited to help out on the last day of preschool before Christmas break.

Two days before I was to “help” in my daughter’s classroom we went to her Christmas Pageant at school. After the Pageant the kids, parents and teachers were eating some cookies and deserts when the teacher approached me and said:

We look forward to you bringing the Birthday Cake for Jesus around 10:30AM on Thursday!

My response was simple… “What cake?”

She said, “The cake you signed up to bake, decorate and bring for Jesus’ Birthday Party…don’t you remember? You were also going to bring your guitar and sing for the kids!”

Slight panic struck my heart and mind at this moment as I realized why no other parent had signed up their name so quickly to “Help” on the line that morning… for I had not signed up to help, but to bake a BIRTHDAY CAKE FOR JESUS!

This was no small task, this was a BIRTHDAY CAKE FOR JESUS! Every parent would see this cake, every child would eat this cake, this was the cake that was supposed to draw every heart towards JESUS in the class that last morning of school.

I quickly tried to cover and graciously say oh right, that’s what I signed up for. The teacher suggested I could go to the store and buy a cake if I had forgotten, but I declined and said I was going to make the best Jesus Birthday Cake she had ever seen. She nodded and said “Ok” with a smile on her face. (I know what she was thinking…a dad bake a cake…this I gotta see.)

I went home that night and realized I had never baked a cake in my life… I mean I had made Pigs in a Blanket in Grade 9 Cooking Class, but that was about it. But I told my wife that she was not to help me; that I was going to bake, and decorate this cake on my own.

This picture of the cake was the result of my 3 hours of work the night before Jesus’ Birthday Party in my daughter’s Class.

I worked harder on this cake that I ever have on anything in a LONG time. I don’t know if it helped the kids put Christmas in perspective… but it sure helped me.

I learned something that night and the next morning, as I baked and decorated and then celebrated Jesus’ Birthday with the kids. Christmas is an expected date on the calendar. But it can become a fresh experience like no other if you and I are willing to take two steps of faith:

(1). Don’t allow an unforeseen circumstance to sway your thinking, action, or reaction. Instead, realize that Jesus is in this, and if God is for you, then nothing can stand against you….and face this circumstance head on knowing that God will be with you and be glorified as you walk with him through it. When I finished the cake that night I could see the baby Jesus wink at my as I covered him with saran wrap to protect him until the next morning when he would be devoured by 25 little hungry 4 year olds.

(2). Serve in a way that requires a step of faith. There are lots of lines to put your name on this Christmas, from food hampers, to Secret Santa’s, to Feeding the homeless on Christmas morning. I had no idea how this cake was going to turn out, but if I simply went to the store and bought one instead of getting my hands dirty, I would never have known the outcome or received the satisfaction of doing something to help others experience Jesus afresh this Christmas Season.

May your experience Jesus in fresh new ways this Christmas as you step out in faith. May it be as fresh as the straw in the stable that first Christmas morning. Happy Birthday Jesus!

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