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Our Second Home

May 31, 2011

Tonight my wife came home from work and reminded me that there was a Don Moen and Matt Maher concert in town. As odd as it may sound to you, even though I’m a recording artist, I probably can count on one hand all the concerts I have ever been to. For some reason I just have not frequented that many! Even though we would only be able to stay until intermission as we would have to get home to get the kids in bed, we went and when we got there, the ticket lady even gave us a free ticket….this evening was shaping up to be cheaper than I thought it would be.

The next hour was a great night of worship. It was so refreshing to worship the Lord and not be responsible to be leading a band or be on stage. God is good! (Hey….isn’t that a Don Moen song?)

Just before intermission and our time to exit the event to go change diapers and read bedtime stories at home, everyone left the stage except Don. He said just before our intermission I want you to watch this DVD clip. He said it’s a clip of an organization called “Food for the Poor”. Right there in my mind, I basically wrote off everything that I was going to watch and hear. I knew it would be good and probably tug a tear from my eye, but was I going to respond to it? No I wouldn’t. The reason I told myself that I wouldn’t respond is that it was not “my” organization. I’m an artist that advocates for World Vision. I have shared on the great work of World Vision for almost 6 years now. This has been a big part of our ministry and if I was going to share our money with the poor, it would be with World Vision.

I really should have learned my lesson that God doesn’t care which organization I support or think I should support. When He asks us to give, I need to give. Last year, I went to maybe my 4th concert ever…this was my 5th. It was a concert in Calgary with Shaun Groves – a Compassion Artist. I went into that concert intermission with the same attitude. I thought, nope, my organization is World Vision, but when the time came for Shaun’s appeal – Jesus stopped me that night and said to my heart, “what are you going to do Jon? I am hungry, are you going to feed me. I am naked, are you going to clothe me?” That night I knew what I was supposed to do – I knew God was asking me not to be a listener but doer of His word. And so I did – I sponsored two little children with Compassion. I never regretted it and have only been thrilled that we did as Compassion is such a wonderful organization. But that night I thought, this is just a one-off type of thing. We just can’t give to any organization that asks – we just don’t have the money to do that.

So again, when Don Moen was speaking on this DVD clip, I really thought that nothing would come of it and life would go on. To be honest with you, it was not a tear jerking DVD clip. No big appeal from Don. Just his simple words saying that “tonight maybe you could help me help these people by buying a house for one family. The cost of a house is $3200!” I laughed, thinking what kind of person is going to just fork over $3200 to buy a house for someone. Who has that much money to give? That is a whole lot of money! Surely not me. Surely not me. And then it happened again. God spoke to my heart and said to me “if not you, then who? If not now, then when?” My wife and I sat there for a few seconds after Don’s prayer for the intermission and stared blankly forward. Then we turned to each other and both of us new what the other was thinking. I turned to Andrea and asked her “can we afford it?” I was hoping she would speak some sense into my head and say, “no we just can’t do it! “. But she said exactly what I thought she’d say. She said “Those people need a home….a home for a family of 5 is only $3200. How could we not do this for them. It’s a month of our salary, but it will change their lives forever”.

With that, we went out and bought our second home…to give away to someone! Praise God! What a blessing to know that a family just like ours will soon have a safe place to live and eat, and sleep!

So here I am today, on my bed typing this blog, nervous, thinking how can we afford what we just did. I don’t know if you know it but $3200 means a whole lot of CDs to sell. But what I do know is that God is faithful. God showed me two things from this evening. One is that I can’t go to any more concerts because now we sponsor several children with World Vision and Compassion, and now a house for a family in Haiti, I don’t know what I’d come home with next! But more than this, God reminded me that He has never let us down. Nine years ago my wife and I started by sponsoring 1 child. As we have added to our family through child sponsorship as since day one, God has showed that we could never out give Him. God also showed me that when He wants us to live with open hands. It’s not about the organization, denomination, or the ________________(enter excuse here); God is asking us to be His hands, His feet, and when He asks, we need to step up to the plate for someone in need!

So my challenge to you today as your read this, is to pray and ask God to present a need across your path this week. And then when the need is presented, in faith would you respond. It may be as small as paying for a strangers coffee, to helping send someone on a missions trip, to buying a house or sponsoring a child. Our family has seen over an over again God’s faithfulness as He has proved we can never out give him.

Forevermore - Released in Canada

May 18, 2011

I am so excited that my new album is out here in the true white North of Canada. For those South of the border (United States), I hate to say that it is not yet that day. With the great new team members (management and booking) that we brought onto the Jon Bauer Music team here this month, the US release schedule has been shifted to allow for necessary preparation for it’s launch in the US. But don’t worry, the music will get there eventually, this we can be sure of!

For those who have a copy of it here in Canada I am so excited to share this new music with you. The day the CD launched here in Canada on May 10, 2011, I was thinking about the CD and its theme. I asked myself, if there was one word to describe a common theme expressed throughout, what would it be.

The word “REMEMBER” came to my mind immediately. I’ll share each song and how it relates to the word “REMEMBER®”.

1.) Our God – R who our God is, what He has done, and that there is no one like “Our God”
2.) Light of Another World – R that this world is not our home and that God is calling us to represent him in our short time on earth.
3.) Come and Save Us – R that we do not know the hour or the day of Jesus’ return. Are we prepared for that day?
4.) Beautiful Name – R that with all this world has to offer, Jesus is the ultimately what this world is searching for, there is nothing more beautiful than that name – Jesus.
5.) Chasing After Me – R that no matter how many times we turn away or fall, God’s love is chasing after you!
6.) A Prayer Away – R that no matter what will happen in life, He is only a prayer away.
7.) Fall Over Me – R that God’s grace is sufficient for you, His strength is made perfect in our weakness.
8.) Forevermore – R that God is the creator of the universe, he is the only one worthy of all blessing, an honour, glory and power forevermore!
9.) Life of Worship – R that our worship is not just about the songs we sing, it’s about the life of worship we live.
10.) Hosanna – R to ask God each day, to come and have his way in and through us, that Jesus would be seen.

So there you have it, ten songs, all of them asking us to remember who God is, His love for us and others, and what He is calling us to each day as we walk with Him!

Father I pray that these songs draw each listener closer to your heart. You are so worthy of our praise, and I pray that we would not only sing out our worship to You, but live it out each day in our homes, work place, or school. To You God be the glory for all you have done and are doing in each of my friends reading this post. Amen.

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