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The New Album - Canadian Release

May 18, 2011

I am so excited that my new album is out here in the true white North of Canada. For those South of the border (United States), I hate to say that it is not yet that day. With the great new team members (management and booking) that we brought onto the Jon Bauer Music team here this month, the US release schedule has been shifted to allow for necessary preparation for it’s launch in the US. But don’t worry, the music will get there eventually, this we can be sure of!

For those who have a copy of it here in Canada I am so excited to share this new music with you. The day the CD launched here in Canada on May 10, 2011, I was thinking about the CD and its theme. I asked myself, if there was one word to describe a common theme expressed throughout, what would it be.

The word “REMEMBER” came to my mind immediately. I’ll share each song and how it relates to the word “REMEMBER®”.

1.) Our God – R who our God is, what He has done, and that there is no one like “Our God”
2.) Light of Another World – R that this world is not our home and that God is calling us to represent him in our short time on earth.
3.) Come and Save Us – R that we do not know the hour or the day of Jesus’ return. Are we prepared for that day?
4.) Beautiful Name – R that with all this world has to offer, Jesus is the ultimately what this world is searching for, there is nothing more beautiful than that name – Jesus.
5.) Chasing After Me – R that no matter how many times we turn away or fall, God’s love is chasing after you!
6.) A Prayer Away – R that no matter what will happen in life, He is only a prayer away.
7.) Fall Over Me – R that God’s grace is sufficient for you, His strength is made perfect in our weakness.
8.) Forevermore – R that God is the creator of the universe, he is the only one worthy of all blessing, an honour, glory and power forevermore!
9.) Life of Worship – R that our worship is not just about the songs we sing, it’s about the life of worship we live.
10.) Hosanna – R to ask God each day, to come and have his way in and through us, that Jesus would be seen.

So there you have it, ten songs, all of them asking us to remember who God is, His love for us and others, and what He is calling us to each day as we walk with Him!

Father I pray that these songs draw each listener closer to your heart. You are so worthy of our praise, and I pray that we would not only sing out our worship to You, but live it out each day in our homes, work place, or school. To You God be the glory for all you have done and are doing in each of my friends reading this post. Amen.

Jon Signs with Converge Music - Nashville, TN

May 18, 2011

We are excited to share the news that Jon has just signed an exclusive management & booking contract with Converge Music based in Nashville, TN. This relationship brings 5 new team members from Converge Music to the Jon Bauer Music roster. Jon says, “We had been praying for the last year that God would lead us to the right people to help us with the ever expanding ministry that God has blessed us with. As we were able to meet, talk, and pray numerous times with Robert and Chris at Converge, we sensed a great peace about this relationship. We are excited for these Godly men to help represent our music and ministry in the coming days.”

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