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May 29, 2018

Update: Jesus heals! I’m so excited to share that over the last month I have gone to physio numerous times and have been in the swimming pool exercising my arm every other day. Last night I picked up my guitar for the first time since the accident and shared a concert at North Pointe Community Church. God is so good! No pain whatsoever and I have full range of motion of my arm again. Thank you Jesus! Now I am praying that the blood clot does not return after 3 months of blood thinner use. Thank you for joining with me in prayer for this as well.

Thank you for your prayers- Jesus heard and answered! Thank you for continued prayers as the blood thinners run their course and that I don’t get another Blood Clot. #healing #jesus #prayers #thankful


April 20, 2018

I am very sad to say that I will be off the road for the next 1–2 months. The #Mountain&ValleyTour which was to take me to beautiful #Deutschland this coming week is now rescheduled to 2019 due to an injury.

Last week while body boarding in Hawaii I ended up separating the AC Joint in my right arm. This was not going to stop me – I was still planning to head to head to Germany less a guitar strumming arm and sing. :-) However, earlier this week I had a complication – a 30cm long DVT (deep vein blood clot) from approx. my wrist to armpit (hopefully caused by the accident). Because of this complication I was advised by my doctors it would be best to stay home and heal properly.

Thank you to my amazing friends and the churches in Germany for your understanding during this time. I was so pumped to worship

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