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Song Devotional - Your Love is Beautiful

December 1, 2020

NewReleaseToday wrote a song devotional on Your Love is Beautiful from the new album “The Light in Us”. Read it here:

The Light In Us - Releases to the WORLD - JUNE 10!

June 7, 2016

Track Listing:

Track 1 – Your Love is Beautiful
Track 2 – Light In Us
Track 3 – You Just Want My Heart
Track 4 – Where the Sidewalk Ends
Track 5 – Say Something
Track 6 – Come Alive
Track 7 – Even If (No One Can Separate)
Track 8 – Great Is Your Faithfulness
Track 9 – You Are My Everything
Track 10 – Starts With Us

Available now on the eSTORE as well as at iTUNES!

Jon Bauer on Podcast -

May 11, 2016

Episode 29 – Worship with Your Life // Jon Bauer

In Toronto Nathan interviews Canadian singer/songwriter and worship leader Jon Bauer about worship being more than a song, the beauty of worshipping with those in closed countries, and how to be faithful in the small things.


The Seagull and the Starfish

November 30, 2015

It’s Sunday morning in Vancouver BC and my goal today is simply to rest. I am not feeling 100% this morning, slightly anxious over a few things and just plain tired from being on the road for over 3 months on tour. Taking a break on Sunday morning is not easy, to be honest, it is hard for me to do because essentially for the last 9 years of full-time touring…this is what I do. But today I felt God say to do nothing but rest. Rest my mind, rest my body, rest my soul. So with my wife in a conference, my kids at home with my parents, this is what I set out to do. I am sure what I am about to tell you was meant for me but maybe in someway what I am about to say God wants to use to speak to you as well…so it is for this reason that I share it in my blog post today.

I slept in this morning on purpose. Got a great cappuccino from a local coffee shop and drove over to Stanley Park in Vancouver. For those who do not know of Stanley Park, you need to either go there at some point in life or at least google it. Gorgeous. I drove most of the way around the park, looking at the ocean, the massive trees and taking in the greenness of the park (singing along the way to an old Bob Fitts CD).

As I got about ¾ of the way around the park I parked my car and to walk down to the beaches. The tide was out so I started to walk out as far as I could on a little jetty. As I walked out, I slipped a few times as the seaweed covered rocks were slick and I reminded myself I should probably slow down or I might end up in the ocean and not just watching it. As I got out about as far as I could go I sensed God say, just stop and rest and see what you see. This is what happened next.

I looked beside me in the water and there was a white Seagull sitting on a rock in the ocean maybe 15 feet away. All of a sudden he jumped off the rock and dove head first into the water. When he came up, I fully expected to see a fish in his mouth – but it wasn’t. To my surprise it was a starfish. A large one. I climbed up and sat on a rock as I watched what was to unfold.

This starfish was large and heavy and the seagull had nowhere to put the starfish except try to carry it over to where I was sitting. It dragged it through the water over to a rock 10 feet away from me. Then as quickly as it put it down on the rock, it flew back into the water and started to swim away. I thought this was such a strange thing that he would go to all this trouble to dive down, catch the starfish, swim it over (dropping it a few times along the way) and then place it on a rock close to a human, only to swim away.

After a minute had passed a second gull flew over and stood beside the starfish. This gull was speckled and almost dirty looking compared to the first gull who found the starfish. The first gull was close by but didn’t get mad or come back to defend its property. It merely allowed the other gull to start pecking away at its find. I watched closer and wondered what to make of this odd occurrence because I have never seen one seagull give its food willingly to another. While the first gull swam a close distance away the second seagull worked to try to get some nourishment from the starfish – first pecking away on the top of the starfish. It didn’t seem to get enough, so it seemed to give up and hopped in the water and started to swim away. Then it turned around and swam back up on the rock and had a second go at it. It turned the starfish over and again tried to peck it’s way at the underside of the starfish. Again it didn’t seem to get anywhere and after a few minutes….the seagull hopped in the water and swam away. It came back a third time and with one last attempt tried to get some food to eat, but seemed that it was just not easy to do and so it hopped in the water, swam away and left the starfish lying on the rock.

As I watched this unfold I asked God, is there something you are trying to tell me this morning? What I sensed God say was that He was the first gull and I was the second gull. He has given and provided everything that I need to make it through today and that He is my all sufficient King. The starfish is like His words in the Bible. He is sufficient for me today and He is everything I need for today – but will I take the time to really work at hearing His voice, reading His voice in the Bible and absorbing it. As I walked back to the walkway I sat down on a bench I opened up my Bible I turned to these words:

“When I said, “My foot is slipping,” your unfailing love, Lord, supported me. When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy.” Psalm 94:18–19

May I realize as I rest in your presence today, Lord, that you are all I need. Everything I need is found in you, Lord.

Happy Birthday Jesus

December 23, 2013

I walked into my daughter Avalynn’s preschool class a month ago and saw “THE LINE” on the wall.

“THE LINE” that if you write your name down FIRST enables YOU and ONLY YOU to help out in the classroom on that date..

These lines don’t come up often and I jumped at the chance and I claimed my spot and wrote my name down hastily. I even told the teacher as I signed my name up that I could bring my guitar and sing with the kids if she wanted. I put the date on my calendar excited to help out on the last day of preschool before Christmas break.

Two days before I was to “help” in my daughter’s classroom we went to her Christmas Pageant at school. After the Pageant the kids, parents and teachers were eating some cookies and deserts when the teacher approached me and said:

We look forward to you bringing the Birthday Cake for Jesus around 10:30AM on Thursday!

My response was simple… “What cake?”

She said, “The cake you signed up to bake, decorate and bring for Jesus’ Birthday Party…don’t you remember? You were also going to bring your guitar and sing for the kids!”

Slight panic struck my heart and mind at this moment as I realized why no other parent had signed up their name so quickly to “Help” on the line that morning… for I had not signed up to help, but to bake a BIRTHDAY CAKE FOR JESUS!

This was no small task, this was a BIRTHDAY CAKE FOR JESUS! Every parent would see this cake, every child would eat this cake, this was the cake that was supposed to draw every heart towards JESUS in the class that last morning of school.

I quickly tried to cover and graciously say oh right, that’s what I signed up for. The teacher suggested I could go to the store and buy a cake if I had forgotten, but I declined and said I was going to make the best Jesus Birthday Cake she had ever seen. She nodded and said “Ok” with a smile on her face. (I know what she was thinking…a dad bake a cake…this I gotta see.)

I went home that night and realized I had never baked a cake in my life… I mean I had made Pigs in a Blanket in Grade 9 Cooking Class, but that was about it. But I told my wife that she was not to help me; that I was going to bake, and decorate this cake on my own.

This picture of the cake was the result of my 3 hours of work the night before Jesus’ Birthday Party in my daughter’s Class.

I worked harder on this cake that I ever have on anything in a LONG time. I don’t know if it helped the kids put Christmas in perspective… but it sure helped me.

I learned something that night and the next morning, as I baked and decorated and then celebrated Jesus’ Birthday with the kids. Christmas is an expected date on the calendar. But it can become a fresh experience like no other if you and I are willing to take two steps of faith:

(1). Don’t allow an unforeseen circumstance to sway your thinking, action, or reaction. Instead, realize that Jesus is in this, and if God is for you, then nothing can stand against you….and face this circumstance head on knowing that God will be with you and be glorified as you walk with him through it. When I finished the cake that night I could see the baby Jesus wink at my as I covered him with saran wrap to protect him until the next morning when he would be devoured by 25 little hungry 4 year olds.

(2). Serve in a way that requires a step of faith. There are lots of lines to put your name on this Christmas, from food hampers, to Secret Santa’s, to Feeding the homeless on Christmas morning. I had no idea how this cake was going to turn out, but if I simply went to the store and bought one instead of getting my hands dirty, I would never have known the outcome or received the satisfaction of doing something to help others experience Jesus afresh this Christmas Season.

May your experience Jesus in fresh new ways this Christmas as you step out in faith. May it be as fresh as the straw in the stable that first Christmas morning. Happy Birthday Jesus!

NEW CD - Roots of Worship

July 16, 2013

Project Features Folk Take on Popular Worship Choruses/Hymns

(NASHVILLE, Tenn.) July 16, 2013—Award-winning worship artist Jon Bauer releases indie/folk/worship project Roots of Worship today. The album features Bauer’s favorite choruses and hymns—timeless songs that he performs while on the road as a full-time touring worship leader—with a roots treatment.

Produced by GMA Dove Award-winning Producer of the Year Rusty Varenkamp (Building 429, Sanctus Real, Tenth Avenue North), Roots of Worship comprises 10 familiar worship songs, six which currently grace Christian Copyright Licensing International’s (CCLI) Top 25, but with original arrangements sonically reminiscent of artists like Mumford & Sons, Lumineers, and The Civil Wars.

Such folk, bluegrass, and roots elements are admittedly new territory for Bauer, who comments on the record’s inspiration, “Some of my close friends are artists in the folk/bluegrass/country world, and I have been loving their music for a long time. Recently the idea came to me …what if I paired a selection of worship songs that most folks know with a sound/style they might not typically associate with worship music. From this the album was born.”

Additionally, Roots of Worship showcases the talent of Bauer’s friends and fellow Canadians, country Christian band High Valley on album closer “Blessed Be the Name/Power in the Blood.” High Valley frontman Brad Rempel shares lead vocals on the track as well.

Thematically, the concept of roots is of particular significance to Bauer. He explains the meaning behind the CD’s title, “While I was creating this project, the analogy of trees, roots, and worship was planted in my mind. Much like a tree lifting its branches up to the sun, each worshipper raises his voice to the One who is Life. This record is a collection of the songs I have led in worship around the world in many languages and cultures but with the same heart of worship. As you live a life of worship may your roots continue to grow deeper in Jesus.”

Roots of Worship is available via iTunes, and at Sample a stream of the CD online at Also, hear Bauer perform songs from the project live on his cross-country “Roots of Worship” tour this fall and next spring. Visit for an updated tour itinerary.

About Jon Bauer
International worship artist Jon Bauer has released six independent projects which have sold more than 50,000 cumulative copies and generated a No. 1 Canadian radio single as well as six Top 5 singles. These albums have earned him 30 career Covenant Award nominations, with five total wins including Male Vocalist of the Year (2008) and Praise & Worship Album of the Year (2012), as well as a Juno Award nomination in the category of Contemporary Christian Album of the Year for his 2012 release, Forevermore.

Bauer’s ability to connect with a diverse audience has afforded him touring opportunities throughout Canada, the U.S., Europe, and Asia with such high profile artists as Michael W. Smith, newsboys, and MercyMe. In 2012 alone, he performed more than 200 shows in five
countries, and he continues to play in excess of 175 dates annually.

For more information on Jon Bauer, visit

NEW "Roots of Worship" CD

June 20, 2013

I am blessed that the Lord has given me the privilege to lead His people in worship over the last 18 years, in 15 countries, on 5 continents. Each time I lead in worship it fills me with a renewed sense of awe of Jesus, as I join with fellow believers in praise of our Creator. While I was creating this album, the analogy of trees, roots, and worship was planted in my mind. Much like a tree lifting its branches up to the sun, each worshipper raises his voice up to the One who is Life. Like the different trees in each country, each worshipper is unique – different shapes, ages, cultures, and languages. This album is a collection of the songs that I have led in worship around the world, in many languages and cultures, but with the same heart of worship. As you live a life of worship may your roots continue to grow deeper in Jesus.

~ Jon

Preview some of the new songs.

12 Cheeseburgers

January 3, 2013

Recently, I found myself on the streets of the Philippines.

I had not come to the Philippines with Compassion but came because I had responded to a whisper from God that I received two years earlier to come and serve — and to give without any expectation from those who would receive.

One day after serving at a Christian teachers conference, providing seminars and music for teachers in the Philippines, I was returning to my hotel. It was already 10 p.m. and I was tired from a long day of ministry, but I was also very hungry.

Next to my hotel was a McDonalds. I have been really good about not eating fast food, but I was so hungry and I knew that a cheeseburger would hit the spot.

As I walked over to McDonalds and was about to enter, I happened to glance across the street.

I saw six little boys about my son Emerson’s age, 5, and they were all huddled together. I thought this was odd. It was late at night; shouldn’t they be home? Where were their parents?

It looked like they were just playing a game, so I shrugged it off and went inside to order my food. But as I sat down and started to eat, I heard the whisper of God saying,

“Jon, go over and look out the window at the boys again.”

I got up from my table and looked out at the little boys.

As my eyes focused on what they were doing, I realized that were not playing a game.

They were tearing open bags of garbage from another fast-food restaurant, letting the trash fall on the dirty cement. With their small hands they were picking out whatever food they could find and eating it.

In that moment, my heart broke. In their faces I kept envisioning the face of my own little son and daughter all alone on a street late at night, trying to find whatever food they could to survive.

I immediately left my meal and walked up to the counter again. I ordered 12 cheeseburgers. With puzzled looks (what a crazy Canadian) they filled my order and I raced outside to these little boys.

As I walked up to them, I handed them two cheeseburgers each. They looked up at me with wide eyes filled with awe and were quickly overtaken by excitement — like it was their first Christmas. My heart broke for these boys and all I could say was,

“Jesus loves you and I love you and this is just a small way that I can show you God’s love.”

In that moment there was really nothing else I could do but walk away, knowing that I had responded to the whisper of God and some of his little children would not go hungry that night.

Was it a big deal for me to buy 12 cheeseburgers for these little boys? No, not at all. What’s 12 cheeseburgers?

The big deal was, I responded when God whispered to me to look out that window. After I saw what He wanted me to see, the choice of what to do next was obvious.

Let me ask you a question as you start this New Year: What would happen if we listened more intently to the whisper of God’s Spirit and then took a step of faith in response?

As I left the Philippines, I realized that my intention was to be a blessing to the Filipino people. However, as I left this country and its beautiful worshipers of Jesus, I felt so blessed in my spirit.

This blessing is not anything that money can buy – it’s simply the knowledge and peace you get when you know you are walking in step with the Lord and helping His little children!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jon Bauer is a husband, father, worship artist, songwriter, teacher, Compassion artist and follower of Jesus Christ whose home base for ministry is cold Alberta, Canada. Jon and his wife, Andrea, sponsor 11 children.

Jon’s newest album, Forevermore, was just awarded “2012 Worship Album of the Year.” To download FREE songs from the album visit or iTunes.

Courtesy of Compassion International:

Your Love is Chasing After Me Tour - Fall 2012

December 13, 2012

The snow is now falling again…really falling… over the knee deep falling and the temperatures yesterday dipped down to -25 degrees so it is safe to say it is feeling a lot like Christmas up here at home in Alberta, Canada. I know I shouldn’t have been surprised, but when I opened the plane window as I flew back home last Monday it was shocking to see white everywhere!

Last year at this time I found myself exhausted and spent from months of ministry on the road and my soul was longing for a break. However, this fall as I touched down in Edmonton once again after three months in 4 countries and 3 continents I felt so energized I could have stayed out another month or two. The last few months of ministry were one of the highlights of my entire 8 years of full-time touring and even as I type this blog entry I get shivers as my mind rewinds back to many specific “God moments” that took place on tour.

September – Germany

The tour this fall kicked off heading back to the Bauer Family’s birthplace – Germany – that was not originally on the agenda for 2012. After our 2011 tour in Germany we felt that we were to take a year off from ministering there in 2012 and return in 2013. However, after much prayer and discussions with our friends “The Buchwitz Band”, we felt God leading through a wide open door to minister, so with expectant hearts we did! Again with the hard work of our German friends, and God’s leading, 10 concerts in 10 cities were booked!

My beautiful wife and two amazingly cute kids were able to join again this year and we arrived on Wednesday night at the Buchwitz house with our first concert of the tour starting the next night. When we arrived, it was as if we had not even parted company the year previous. Our friends – Martin, Heike, Simon, Sam, Ebe, and Andy – “The Buchwitz Band” were all there. It is so amazing how God can make a year of separation feel like no time has passed at all when His spirit is involved. With only a few hours to rehearse for the tour, God brought us all into unity once again and we flew through the songs with ease.

The tour rolled out and each night held a mixture of familiar churches and new church families. Each concert was filled with God moments, miracles, and amazing times of worship! One of our prayers on this tour was that we would see a tangible response to people living out their worship –through Child Sponsorship. Our prayer on this tour was that we would see at least 50 children sponsored through our 10 city tour. This year, God was so faithful to whisper to hearts and at the end of the tour 134 people/families had sponsored a little child. After a month home from tour and much prayer, we have already started the tour planning for 2013 – increasing the tour from 10 to 15 concerts in 15 cities! I can’t wait!

October – The Philippines
After returning home from Germany, Andrea and I kissed our little ones goodbye and left them with our parents as we boarded the plane to the Philippines for 3 weeks of ministry. Landing in uncharted territory for us both, it took the last 3 years of God’s prompting my heart that I was to go and minister in music over in the Philippines. This October God opened the door and we were invited by the Association of Christian Teachers to come over and speak and sing for their teachers. As they had no funds to bring us, it would all need to be at our expense. One thing I have learned in ministry is never to underestimate God… not to base ministry on what we can get, but solely worry about what we can give. Every step of the way I am constantly learning that He who calls us is faithful to deliver immeasurably more than we could ever imagine.

So we stepped out in faith to minister in this new land and it’s beautiful people. One of my first experiences in the Philippines was seeing the smile of Jesus which radiates on almost everyone’s face. These people LOVE to worship I was able to minister to over 1300 teachers in ten in the cities of Davao, Cebu, and Manila. Each conference I was able to share seminars, concerts, and lead worship for general sessions.

While I was there numerous times I felt God say “Jon I want you to do something, say something, or give something to my children”. One of the ways God called me to bless His people was through the gift of music. Many of these Christian teachers live so meagerly as being a Christian teacher typically does not have many financial rewards here on earth. During the last conference I felt God ask me to bless His teachers with guitars so I went out with a new Filipino friend “Eman”. Eman has served with ACSI along with his amazingly helpful and organized wife Aiyza. Eman took me down the back streets and helped me pick up 10 guitars to give out to teachers as a surprise.

I also was able to buy one of the nicest guitars I have ever seen for Aiyza! From standing room only seminars, to countless email/Facebook messages of how God has spoken through seminars and music, I was so blessed to know that God had been whispering to His children over there. I left the Philippines wanting to be a blessing, but left feeling more blessed than I have ever experienced.

Before we left for the Philippines we asked our church family to pray with us that if He had more ministry to do over there that He would open doors if that was His plan. While we were there we were connected with an amazing Godly woman, Sister Anita!

She is so full of life and plans concerts and tours across the Philippines and Asia’s. After a few days together seeing our ministry in action, she was the answer to prayer and enthusiastically invited us to come back in 2013 and minister again throughout the Philippines, Vietnam, and possibly into China! God is good and we can’t wait to return later in 2013 to again see the smile of Jesus and worship with such amazing worshippers in the Philippines.

November – 4500 Miles in a Motorhome

We no sooner touched down from the Philippines and boarded our motorhome to start the long drive down to the Florida Keys where we would end our month long US portion of the tour. Our first stop on the way down was at McKenzie Towne church in Calgary. Compassion had arranged for me to partner with this church and lead worship and share on our experience with Compassion and share how others could do the same. As I arrived and rehearsed early with the band, there was an immediate connection as God’s spirit unites hearts whose focus is on God. The morning worship was phenomenal and as God’s spirit fell in the 2 services with about 375 between both services, we saw 134 children sponsored!. We praise God for His continued faithfulness to speak to hearts, as we are faithful to minister in His name!

Our next stop was Minneapolis just in time for me to fly out to Toronto. I arrived in Toronto and went straight to the CTS television studios where I sound checked to play “Come and Save Us” for the 2012 GMA Covenant Awards. As I was about to play my song I was a little caught off guard to hear my name announced as the winner of “Praise and Worship Album of the Year” for Forevermore. Later that night I was blessed to also receive “Children’s Song of the Year” for Chasing After Me. It was such an amazing night of connecting with encouraging friends in the industry and meeting new ones.

After this I flew back to meet up with my wife who was held up in a cold snowy hotel room with our kids in Minneapolis….I have the best wife! We boarded the Bauer bus and set our GPS to warmer weather. Our routing took us through Nashville where we had numerous meetings with some of our record label team and also had the opportunity to spend time with good friends Brad and Rebecca Rempel of the band High Valley.

Our next stop took us to Florida where we ministered at a number of churches and events. It was a phenomenal time as we met new ministry friends down in the Keys and Orlando! Our family even got to take a couple days off and visit Disney World and Legoland (2 for 1 tickets are great!).

We had been praying that God would meet our needs as to where we would leave our motorhome in Orlando. We normally store it down south for the winter and then return in the spring to pick it up and tour back up to Canada while the snow is still deep up here. With literally one day to spare, God led us to the most amazing and Godly family who have 5 acres of land where they graciously allowed us to store our motorhome until we return in the Spring for it. God never ceases to amaze us with his hand of provision for all things when we are faithful to ask and are led by His spirit.

As I look back on the last few months of ministry, I can see how God’s fingerprints have been on every event, in every country, and ever mile we have ministered. I know some of you may be facing some rougher roads this Christmas season than perhaps you have in the past. My prayers are with you that you may see fingerprints on your life and through whatever you are going through this season. Jesus did not come from heaven to earth as a baby only to leave and never to be seen again. He came that we might have hope for today, and peace in the midst of storm. So may our Savior reveal himself to you this Christmas and may you reveal our Savior to your friends, your family, and our world this Christmas!

May God bless you and your families and I thank-you for all your prayers for our family this last season of ministry! I look forward to seeing many of you in the coming days as we continuing ministry in 2013!

In His service,

Michael W. Smith Tour

June 19, 2012

Jon and Family with Michael W. Smith during the 2012 Wonder Worship and Glory Tour

Well it has been a month now since I got home from such an incredible cross country tour with Michael W. Smith! Today as I look to the bookshelf in my office I see the very first records I ever owned as a boy, now signed by the artist – Michael himself. It is so humbling to see how God has used my past to bring Glory to His name today as I get to something I absolutely love to do – worship God and help other do the same!

The tour was such an incredible journey as we saw 11 amazing nights as we toured together from coast to coast ministering to thousands of people. On the tour I was so blessed to share about our Compassion Canada sponsor child – little Yordy (8 years old) – who we met only months earlier in Dominican Republic. As we shared about sponsorship, God whispered to so many hearts across the audiences and we saw over 850 children sponsored on the tour. Unbelievable!

What an amazing experience and opportunity to minister on this tour with the first artist who so powerfully influenced me as a 12 year old boy. I still remember listening to songs like “Rockettown”, “Go West Young Man”, “Place in this World” (my school’s Grade 9 graduation song) and who could forget “Friends”(my grade 6 school graduation song). These songs will forever be engrained in my memories and now this tour and seeing so many lives changed with Michael will be another amazing memory in the years to come!


April 25, 2012

Jon’s newest 2012 CD “Forevermore” receives an outstanding review from Worship Leader Magazine in their May 2012 issue. Watch upcoming online for a special feature on Jon and his music.


A Divine Appointment

January 16, 2012

So often, people only see me on stage but don’t realize that this ministry does not happen without the amazing support and behind the scenes work of my amazing wife Andrea. This ministry that God has called us to is definitely a family affair as my wife Andrea and our two little children travel with me to so many countries as we minister together throughout the year. Last week my wife and I had the privilege of traveling with Compassion Canada to the Dominican Republic. I wanted to share her blog with you as it definitely captured an amazing day in the Dominican!

“Our journey today was a special one. Jon and I have recently begun sponsoring our 9th child and one specifically from the Dominican Republic so we could have the opportunity to meet during our visit here. Since this sponsorship is so new we have not been able to correspond as of yet but we have been studying his picture and cute 8 year old face in anticipation of meeting him today. It so happens to be his 8th birthday on Wednesday so we picked up a birthday cake, more of a pastry style dessert as apparently Dominicans do not do birthday cakes in the same fashion as us in North America, to surprise little Yordy.

Off we headed about one hour outside of Santo Domingo to a Batay, known as a sugar cane field. These communities, built primarily by the sugar companies, are home to some of the poorest communities in the DR. With employment only available for 6 months out of the year, it leaves the people without work for the other half of the year and barely enough income to put food on the table. Batay Angelina is where Yordy lives and where Compassion has built a Project Center complete with a school where the children take bible classes in addition to their regular schooling provided by the government, a computer lab, a beauty salon setup to provide expectant mothers with skills they would not otherwise have the opportunity to gain, and a network of private tutors available to each sponsored child in the community.

Upon arriving at the Project Center, we received a welcome I will treasure in my heart for life. Jon and I were waiting anxiously outside the school gates while the staff found Yordy and brought him to us but before they even could walk through the gates Yordy broke out in a run straight into Jon’s arms! What an incredible moment to meet a little child who seems so far away and only a picture on the fridge door; to be reminded how much our small monthly sacrifice means to this little person that God loves so deeply. After our warm greeting Yordy seemed to become overwhelmed with what was happening and became shy for our questioning but his sweet personality and loving eyes shone through. We found out he is the youngest of 5 boys and lives with his mother and father in a small home. He shares a double bed with his parents and appeared to be quite independent, being the youngest of the family. Yordy accompanied us on the tour throughout the Project Center and we witnessed his first time using a computer. Since the computer lab is reserved for older students we took the opportunity to let him type and draw a picture in Microsoft Paint. He had a permanent smile on his face and was proud where he typed out what seemed to be endless names of his brothers and family.

A lunch of rice and beans was enjoyed as a group and we then visited Yordy’s home accompanied by his tutor or spiritual mentor through Compassion. Durnig the home visit we found out that Yordy is the only person in his family that knows Jesus personally. He asked Jesus in his heart shortly after joining the Compassion program through the local church. Yordy is the only person to attend church in his family right now but I believe God has a divine appointment on this little boys’ life to be a light to his family – it was incredible to see the faith of such a young boy. Through the relationship with his tutor he has grown in his faith and his parents are pleased he attends church.

We showered the family with gifts and the family clapped when Yordy opened up his new white dress shirt and dress pants complete with a black tie to wear to church. Living in conditions with a dirt floor and corrugated steel roof this is more than likely the first formal outfit to enter the wardrobe of this family. His mother was so grateful that Yordy was chosen to be apart of the Compassion program and she told us he seems changed already in his attitude and excitement for life. We had a special moment of singing happy birthday and blowing out pretend candles (could not find any at the supermarket) and then Jon shared a song with the family to close off our time together.

As our parting gift, we presented Yordy with a soccer ball and had so fun much the last hour kicking the ball around the school yard closing off with a prayer time to speak blessings into his life and encourage him to continue to be a light to his community. I feel honored to have gone through this experience today, knowing only a select few are actually able to meet with their sponsor children face to face.We were once again reminded that our sacrifice is nothing compared to how God is using this link between sponsor and child to further His Kingdom! Gloria Dios! ”

Merry Christmas

December 13, 2011

Merry Christmas Prayer

As the snow has already fallen up here in Edmonton Canada for another winter season and we have already dipped down to -30 degrees I am reminded that there is no turning back! We are in too deep. Winter is here to stay and Christmas is almost here!

Now while some people complain about the winter snow and cold my motto is to embrace it. There are seasons for snow and cold and there are seasons for warmth and growth. Some of you may find yourself in a season you did not expect or want to be in right now, but be encouraged, because Jesus is walking with you every step of the way.

As you walk through this season my prayer you will see two footprints in the snow (or sand – depending where you live). When you look back and only see one set, you will have realized that Jesus was carrying you through the snow and cold and in time, you will see His faithfulness through each season!

From my family to yours, my prayer is that you may experience Joy, Wonder and Hope this Christmas because Jesus came from heaven so many years ago and died for you and me, that we may face every season in life with confidence.

Merry Christmas!

Jon and family

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December 5, 2011

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Uganda Africa - Vision Trip

August 24, 2011

Vision Trip with World Vision – Uganda, Africa

Well I’m finally here in the beautiful country of Uganda in Africa with World Vision. This is a vision trip that World Vision has allowed me to come on with a group of other artists from across the US. I count it a privilege that they invited me – a Canadian on board for this trip and I try to remind them often of my country – eh!

If I shared with you all of my experiences it would fill pages….and so I will try to give you a summary of what I have been experiencing here in the “Pearl of Africa” in the last 48 hours. With 33 million people, Uganda has the same population as Canada with a land size covering only 2/3 the size of Alberta. So needless to say, there are many beautiful people over here in a small space. The country has been ravaged by HIV/Aids and it seems so odd to see hardly anyone over 50 years of age. Probably because the average life expectancy is a mere 52 years.

Day 1 – The Early Meeting

If you have ever been on a mission trip, you learn very quickly that flexibility is the plan and to plan for the unexpected. This was our first day on the ground. We drove for 4 hours to get to our hotel in Rakai where we would stay for two days. We had stopped at the local grocery store on the way to buy some staples for our families sponsor child that we would be seeing the next day. After we arrived at our hotel it was already 4pm and we were planning to get recharged to meet our sponsor children the following day. As soon as we got to the hotel, we were informed that we were not meeting our sponsor kids tomorrow, but rather today, and that they have been waiting for us since noon. We were beside ourselves as we drove another long hour to get to our kids in the hills in the village of Lwamagwa. When I arrived there, all the tiredness faded away as I got to look into the little 5 year old face that our family has just started sponsoring. Dorcus and her dad were there waiting patiently to meet their sponsor from Canada.

As I walked up and sat with her I could tell that she was so excited to see and meet me and didn’t exactly know how to respond. We sat on a fallen tree and I met her father – Fred who had travelled with her 1 ½ hours to come and meet me. I showed her the picture of my family and learned more about hers. She has 5 brothers and 4 sisters in her little family. Her dad is a farmer and her family is affected in some way by the aids crisis. Her father shared with me that World Vision has made such a difference in their life and that through World Vision; his children have a chance at an education and a good life. I shared little gifts I had brought from Canada for Dorcus and her brothers and sisters and the groceries for her family. I asked if I could pray for her and her family and sing a song for her and over her and others in her family and community. Her dad eagerly said yes and after I prayed for them I sang the chorus to my song Come and Save Us. “You are the God of all of these children. You are the God who saves. You are the Lord of all who are broken. So Lord we pray, come and save us”. We walked over to join some other kids and moms on the ground and they joined in with me and started to sing the words with me. My prayer is that through this blog, you might consider how you also could be the hands and feet to a little one in need, that you could partner with the Lord to help and save one of His own.

Once I sang and prayed for Dorcus and her father, I tried to teach them a favorite song of my sons called “Peace Like a River”. I got a few kids to try the actions but the moms sitting around seemed quite amused that I was teaching them actions but they also started to sing along when I started to sing “Come and Save Us”.

This was such a humbling experience for me to meet little Dorcus and her father Fred. Being a father myself I cannot imagine what a hard thing it would be to ask someone for help so my kids could have a chance at a better life. I saw nothing but love and gratefulness in her father’s eyes.

After a closing prayer we all said goodbyes numerous times and then went back to have dinner. What an amazing day, seeing how World Vision has changed a little life and her family through our families modest gift of $35 each month – less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day.

Overwhelming Day

Day two we awoke at 6AM so we could hit the road to start a full day visiting the area development programs that World Vision has started.

The morning started off by going to the World Vision Kooki Cluster Office to worship and pray with the local staff. What a great privilege to see the great love of the Lord in these locals who serve God’s children and their families each day. We sang familiar hymns like “How Great Thou Art”, and “What a Friend we have in Jesus”. After our time together we went a visited a family affected by Aids.

Dorifanse Kobusingye – 48 years old with 6 children

We drove as far as we could with the vehicles and when the road ended, we kept walking down into a valley. Through the fields we walked until we came up to a little house and a mom outside tending to a pot over a fire. As soon as we walked up she ran around the house and I could see her washing her feet to clean off the mud before we all arrived. As she welcomed us into this small one-room house that could only fit a few of us at a time, we learned that this lady was a Grandma to two of the little ones and the other four children were orphans that she took in. Her husband had died of aids and the community all chipped in with World Vision to provide her with a house that she could raise these little orphans that ranged from 2 to 10 years old. She was doing the best she could with what she had, but really needed the help of World Vision so these little ones could have a chance at life. She is only one example of thousands of grandmas and grandpas who are doing the same for their grandchildren whose parents have died because of the aids epidemic.

Clinic/Maternity Ward

Our second stop that day was to visit the clinic and maternity ward. As we pulled up, outside there was 30 or more moms with little babies waiting to be seen. We learned that many of the moms travel 10 kilometers to be seen and that some will wait hours or all day just to have their children seen. The greatest problem many of them are facing at this time of the year is malaria. We went further to another building to find the maternity ward. Inside we found 40 young women all waiting to give birth, or for a check-up. The nurse showed me the delivery room, and it was a far different setup than back home.

Kibuuka –Perish – People Living with HIV/AIDS

Another stop we made was to a Perish where people were infected with HIV/AIDS. This was a community group that World Vision formed to help support people who have AIDS and help other come to reality of living with HIV/AIDS. As they shared songs, reports, and testimonies, you could see Jesus shining through each of them. After they shared and we asked them many questions, we asked them if they had any questions for us. The first and most important question they had for us as a group was “Do we know Jesus?”. As we all answered yes, they were so happy to have this heavenly connection because they have learned firsthand that the only hope amidst of storm is Jesus. What an encouragement to see such hope in these people who not only on top of poverty, are looking directly into the terrible face of AIDS.

Farmers and Their Kids

Another stop along the way was to visit a group of farmers. Upon arrival, their children all greeted us with similar clothing and started singing songs for us to the tune of “She’ll be Coming Round the Mountain”. After their songs, we walked out into the fields to meet their parents. We found them all working in the fields together and what we learned was the power of strength found in community. These groups of families decided to work together to create change and support one another. Each of them works daily to help farm the fields and crops and support one another. They realize the strength of community and family and it came across as a “small group” concept that we may see at churches back in North America. But instead of just fellowshipping once a week together, they do all things each day together because they know they are stronger together than they are separate. They shared how they wanted to instill this value in their children as well and so they give them little jobs to do together, even singing together in this choir to create these values. We could see how happy all of them were to serve together. I asked who works harder in the field each day – the men or the women? – everyone seemed to get a big laugh at that! As we stood in the fields I asked if I could pray for them, their families, and crops, that God would bless them all. As we went back to the children, they sang another song for us and then I was able to get all the kids learn the song “Peace Like a River” with actions. What a fun time it was together as we sped the song up to a runaway train. Seeing this group was such a great reminder that God did not design us to live in isolation but in community to spur each other on in love and to become more like Him.

Vision Club Kids

We stopped at a school along the way. As we got out we saw a group of about 10 kids all wearing World Vision shirts. We learned that this was a Vision Club and the purpose of the club was to help teach this group of 11–13 year olds about AIDS/HIV, cleanliness, abstinence and Jesus. As each of these young leaders stood up, they shared about what they have learned, what they would like to be when they grow up, and what they will take with them from this club moving forward in life. World Vision shared with us how important these young ones are to create change in the coming years. They said that it is too late for the adults, but as they teach and help equip the young, that is what will create change in the community in the generations to come. World Vision feels that this is so important, that they invite these young children to planning sessions for the community so it is not only the adults who have a say in planning but these young ones. They see the importance of giving a voice to the youth who will affect this country for generations to come.

Water the Hard Way
Our last stop was one that was almost not made because we were running late and all tired from a long day. But this stop, once again, put life in perspective for me as I realized how much I have living in North America. Last week before I left for Africa, our water filter built into our fridge needed to be replaced and so for a few days I thought it was such an inconvenience that I had to go walk over to our sink to run the tap to get my water filled throughout the day. Moreover, each day I wake up back home and hop in the shower for a “quick” 10 – 15 minute warm shower. What a different story for the people of Uganda.

As we stopped our car and got out we saw a group of people all lined up with their yellow containers along a dirt road. As we got close we looked down into a little ditch and saw a water hole where people were taking their turns filling their containers. The hole was no bigger than a family swimming pool back home and the water was a yellow-greenish color with flies, scum and garbage floating around in it. It was the kind of water that I would not let my dog drink if we were walking back home and came across it in the woods. As we looked closer there were adults and children down at the waters edge, filling up their water containers to take back to their families. As I started to ask questions I learned that this water hole supplied the water for 1300+ people each day. Some of them travel up to 10 kilometers (6 miles) each day to get water for drinking, bathing, cooking and their animals. As I watched them, I saw children as young as my 3 ½ year old son Emerson filling up little containers to carry back home for their families. The older ones were filling 20 Liter containers that I could barely carry 10 feet without strenuous effort. They loaded these heavy containers on their heads or their bicycles to carry many kilometers back home. They do this each day in order to have water. We learned that if we waited just a little bit longer, there would be a line of a hundred of people waiting to fill their containers.

We got in our cars and drove a little ways away to see a World Vision water project where they have created a system to catch the rain water from the roofs for people to have clean water to drink and use for their family needs. What a drastic change to see clean and clear water coming from a tap and smile across the families face as they showed us their water system with such pride. I will never turn on the tap at home again the same way. What a difference World Vision has made for so many families with the water projects that they have started in this country!

As we drive down the crazy bumpy roads on all of our travels each child looks at me through the window of the van and longs for me to wave to them. If a simple wave can bring that much joy to a face, how could I not wave to each child I see as we pass them by…. even when my arms are getting tired from waving so much. My prayer is that in the very least, Jesus would be seen in my wave and my smile as we pass them by.

What an overwhelming experience I have had these last couple of days since I have arrived. The phrase – life changing – seems like an understatement, and it is. My prayer is that Jesus has been seen in me here as much as I have seen Jesus in the faces that have looked back at me here in Uganda this week.

Our Second Home

May 31, 2011

Tonight my wife came home from work and reminded me that there was a Don Moen and Matt Maher concert in town. As odd as it may sound to you, even though I’m a recording artist, I probably can count on one hand all the concerts I have ever been to. For some reason I just have not frequented that many! Even though we would only be able to stay until intermission as we would have to get home to get the kids in bed, we went and when we got there, the ticket lady even gave us a free ticket….this evening was shaping up to be cheaper than I thought it would be.

The next hour was a great night of worship. It was so refreshing to worship the Lord and not be responsible to be leading a band or be on stage. God is good! (Hey….isn’t that a Don Moen song?)

Just before intermission and our time to exit the event to go change diapers and read bedtime stories at home, everyone left the stage except Don. He said just before our intermission I want you to watch this DVD clip. He said it’s a clip of an organization called “Food for the Poor”. Right there in my mind, I basically wrote off everything that I was going to watch and hear. I knew it would be good and probably tug a tear from my eye, but was I going to respond to it? No I wouldn’t. The reason I told myself that I wouldn’t respond is that it was not “my” organization. I’m an artist that advocates for World Vision. I have shared on the great work of World Vision for almost 6 years now. This has been a big part of our ministry and if I was going to share our money with the poor, it would be with World Vision.

I really should have learned my lesson that God doesn’t care which organization I support or think I should support. When He asks us to give, I need to give. Last year, I went to maybe my 4th concert ever…this was my 5th. It was a concert in Calgary with Shaun Groves – a Compassion Artist. I went into that concert intermission with the same attitude. I thought, nope, my organization is World Vision, but when the time came for Shaun’s appeal – Jesus stopped me that night and said to my heart, “what are you going to do Jon? I am hungry, are you going to feed me. I am naked, are you going to clothe me?” That night I knew what I was supposed to do – I knew God was asking me not to be a listener but doer of His word. And so I did – I sponsored two little children with Compassion. I never regretted it and have only been thrilled that we did as Compassion is such a wonderful organization. But that night I thought, this is just a one-off type of thing. We just can’t give to any organization that asks – we just don’t have the money to do that.

So again, when Don Moen was speaking on this DVD clip, I really thought that nothing would come of it and life would go on. To be honest with you, it was not a tear jerking DVD clip. No big appeal from Don. Just his simple words saying that “tonight maybe you could help me help these people by buying a house for one family. The cost of a house is $3200!” I laughed, thinking what kind of person is going to just fork over $3200 to buy a house for someone. Who has that much money to give? That is a whole lot of money! Surely not me. Surely not me. And then it happened again. God spoke to my heart and said to me “if not you, then who? If not now, then when?” My wife and I sat there for a few seconds after Don’s prayer for the intermission and stared blankly forward. Then we turned to each other and both of us new what the other was thinking. I turned to Andrea and asked her “can we afford it?” I was hoping she would speak some sense into my head and say, “no we just can’t do it! “. But she said exactly what I thought she’d say. She said “Those people need a home….a home for a family of 5 is only $3200. How could we not do this for them. It’s a month of our salary, but it will change their lives forever”.

With that, we went out and bought our second home…to give away to someone! Praise God! What a blessing to know that a family just like ours will soon have a safe place to live and eat, and sleep!

So here I am today, on my bed typing this blog, nervous, thinking how can we afford what we just did. I don’t know if you know it but $3200 means a whole lot of CDs to sell. But what I do know is that God is faithful. God showed me two things from this evening. One is that I can’t go to any more concerts because now we sponsor several children with World Vision and Compassion, and now a house for a family in Haiti, I don’t know what I’d come home with next! But more than this, God reminded me that He has never let us down. Nine years ago my wife and I started by sponsoring 1 child. As we have added to our family through child sponsorship as since day one, God has showed that we could never out give Him. God also showed me that when He wants us to live with open hands. It’s not about the organization, denomination, or the ________________(enter excuse here); God is asking us to be His hands, His feet, and when He asks, we need to step up to the plate for someone in need!

So my challenge to you today as your read this, is to pray and ask God to present a need across your path this week. And then when the need is presented, in faith would you respond. It may be as small as paying for a strangers coffee, to helping send someone on a missions trip, to buying a house or sponsoring a child. Our family has seen over an over again God’s faithfulness as He has proved we can never out give him.

Forevermore - Released in Canada

May 18, 2011

I am so excited that my new album is out here in the true white North of Canada. For those South of the border (United States), I hate to say that it is not yet that day. With the great new team members (management and booking) that we brought onto the Jon Bauer Music team here this month, the US release schedule has been shifted to allow for necessary preparation for it’s launch in the US. But don’t worry, the music will get there eventually, this we can be sure of!

For those who have a copy of it here in Canada I am so excited to share this new music with you. The day the CD launched here in Canada on May 10, 2011, I was thinking about the CD and its theme. I asked myself, if there was one word to describe a common theme expressed throughout, what would it be.

The word “REMEMBER” came to my mind immediately. I’ll share each song and how it relates to the word “REMEMBER®”.

1.) Our God – R who our God is, what He has done, and that there is no one like “Our God”
2.) Light of Another World – R that this world is not our home and that God is calling us to represent him in our short time on earth.
3.) Come and Save Us – R that we do not know the hour or the day of Jesus’ return. Are we prepared for that day?
4.) Beautiful Name – R that with all this world has to offer, Jesus is the ultimately what this world is searching for, there is nothing more beautiful than that name – Jesus.
5.) Chasing After Me – R that no matter how many times we turn away or fall, God’s love is chasing after you!
6.) A Prayer Away – R that no matter what will happen in life, He is only a prayer away.
7.) Fall Over Me – R that God’s grace is sufficient for you, His strength is made perfect in our weakness.
8.) Forevermore – R that God is the creator of the universe, he is the only one worthy of all blessing, an honour, glory and power forevermore!
9.) Life of Worship – R that our worship is not just about the songs we sing, it’s about the life of worship we live.
10.) Hosanna – R to ask God each day, to come and have his way in and through us, that Jesus would be seen.

So there you have it, ten songs, all of them asking us to remember who God is, His love for us and others, and what He is calling us to each day as we walk with Him!

Father I pray that these songs draw each listener closer to your heart. You are so worthy of our praise, and I pray that we would not only sing out our worship to You, but live it out each day in our homes, work place, or school. To You God be the glory for all you have done and are doing in each of my friends reading this post. Amen.

The New Album - Canadian Release

May 18, 2011

I am so excited that my new album is out here in the true white North of Canada. For those South of the border (United States), I hate to say that it is not yet that day. With the great new team members (management and booking) that we brought onto the Jon Bauer Music team here this month, the US release schedule has been shifted to allow for necessary preparation for it’s launch in the US. But don’t worry, the music will get there eventually, this we can be sure of!

For those who have a copy of it here in Canada I am so excited to share this new music with you. The day the CD launched here in Canada on May 10, 2011, I was thinking about the CD and its theme. I asked myself, if there was one word to describe a common theme expressed throughout, what would it be.

The word “REMEMBER” came to my mind immediately. I’ll share each song and how it relates to the word “REMEMBER®”.

1.) Our God – R who our God is, what He has done, and that there is no one like “Our God”
2.) Light of Another World – R that this world is not our home and that God is calling us to represent him in our short time on earth.
3.) Come and Save Us – R that we do not know the hour or the day of Jesus’ return. Are we prepared for that day?
4.) Beautiful Name – R that with all this world has to offer, Jesus is the ultimately what this world is searching for, there is nothing more beautiful than that name – Jesus.
5.) Chasing After Me – R that no matter how many times we turn away or fall, God’s love is chasing after you!
6.) A Prayer Away – R that no matter what will happen in life, He is only a prayer away.
7.) Fall Over Me – R that God’s grace is sufficient for you, His strength is made perfect in our weakness.
8.) Forevermore – R that God is the creator of the universe, he is the only one worthy of all blessing, an honour, glory and power forevermore!
9.) Life of Worship – R that our worship is not just about the songs we sing, it’s about the life of worship we live.
10.) Hosanna – R to ask God each day, to come and have his way in and through us, that Jesus would be seen.

So there you have it, ten songs, all of them asking us to remember who God is, His love for us and others, and what He is calling us to each day as we walk with Him!

Father I pray that these songs draw each listener closer to your heart. You are so worthy of our praise, and I pray that we would not only sing out our worship to You, but live it out each day in our homes, work place, or school. To You God be the glory for all you have done and are doing in each of my friends reading this post. Amen.

Where is Jesus?

February 5, 2011

Last week it was my mom’s birthday. My wife and I had asked my parents if they would babysit so we could go out for a dinner and movie. Little did my mom know, that there was a surprise birthday dinner waiting for her when they showed up. That afternoon my son Emerson went out to the dollar store to buy some helium balloons, some birthday hats (Thomas the Train of course) and some birthday noise makers (again…Thomas the train…Emerson, I mean my mom’s favorite train).

After we got home and started to decorate the kitchen with all we bought I asked Emerson if we had invited Jesus to the birthday. He said in his cute little voice “no know if we vited Jesus”. I said should we pray and ask Jesus to be here tonight with us. As he agreed we prayed and asked Jesus to come. With that in mind, Emerson worked hard to set out a chair, and a Thomas Party Hat, and a noisemaker for Jesus.

Everyone arrived, my mom was surprised, and we all sat down for the birthday dinner together. For some reason we miscalculated chairs and someone had taken Jesus’ seat. Emerson without hesitation, said, “no, no that is Jesus seat…..where is Jesus”?

I said to Emerson, “well did we invite Jesus to come to the birthday?” he replied “yes”. “Did we set a chair and hat out for Jesus?” again he said “yes”. “Then he is here with us”, I said. “But I no see Jesus!”, he said.

I explained that Jesus is a little like the angels. Every night we pray that God would put his angels around his bed to protect him and give him a good sleep. Even though we can’t see the angels, we know they are there. I explained that the same is true of Jesus. We can’t see him with our eyes, but the Bible promises that when we invite him, he will show up. With the faith of a child, Emerson looked at the chair and saw Jesus and he was happy that Jesus had showed up.

As i sat and pondered this moment in Emerson’s life, i couldn’t help but think about my own. How my views, attitudes, actions, and words would be different if i constantly put out the chair for Jesus. If I asked him hourly to show up as I went throughout my daily routines and then looked through the eyes of faith to see Him there. Even today as I type this thought to my web page, I am challenged to ask “Where is Jesus?”. May my day be very different today Jesus as I see you show up!

Fall Tour Flashback – First Things First!

November 28, 2010

It is hard to believe that my fall tour which took me from Canada to Germany and then across the US from coast to coast to coast is over. It feels like yesterday when I was gearing up for the tour but that was 86 days and almost as many concerts ago. God was so good and so faithful every mile of the journey and we met so many amazing people and church families along the way! It was so amazing to have my family along with me on this tour which made the days fly by as we traveled together from city to city ministering in music at churches and conferences.

The key theme at many of these conferences that I ministered at was “First things first!” Matthew 6:33—Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and He will give you everything you need. Amidst all the busyness of life and the hectic schedules it is such a necessary reminder. I encourage you as we draw towards this Christmas Season to slow down and take time to draw close to our Savior. For some of us it will mean rediscovering the One whom we have drifted from slightly as we have fallen into the patterns of life that pull us away from God.

My prayer for you and for me is that Jesus would be seen in us in the small and the big, in the public and the private, so that as we head into this Christmas Season we can truly say that we are seeking God and His kingdom above everything else!

New Music - Free Download

July 5, 2010

Hey Everyone! Really excited to be giving away a new single from my upcoming Album releasing om 2011. You can get a free single by clicking here

Have a great summer!

Recording the New Nashville Album

June 23, 2010

Well it’s official. The recording dates have been set to fly back to Nashville and finish up my 4th studio album. The reason I know this is that I am sitting here recording as we speak. Although I love the songs on my other 2 adult projects and the kids worship CD, it’s about time for some new songs to be shared. I think some of my fans would agree as I seem to keep getting that question “When is the new CD coming out?”. That’s always a good sign that it’s about time for a new album.

This time around I am more than pumped to be working with producer Rusty Varenkamp. More than just 2010 Dove Awards Producer of the Year, he is such an amazing guy with such a heart and passion for the ministry and music that God has called me to. Last summer I was praying through who I should have produce this next CD. God speaks in many ways and one day he spoke through a friend of mine that new Rusty and said I really should meet with him. After a meeting with Rusty and my manager, I knew immediately that this was a God connection.

I had the privilege of starting the album last fall when I recorded the EP but a heavy touring schedule and our new little baby girl kept me too busy to return until now. There will be a good mix of worship and CCM songs on the album. I can’t wait to share the news songs with you all soon and I’ll hopefully post some new videos of the whole process as they occur.

I pray that God continues to direct your paths as He has been doing for me as we head into the summer months.

Let the Touring Begin

May 29, 2010

Well, it’s official – the wheels have been turned for the first time on our new touring motor home and there is no turning back. We have finally set cruise on the motor home and we have been putting miles behind us on tour through Alberta and BC on this two week tour. Andrea has been blogging our touring adventure so you can get a more in-depth experience into life on the road with 2 kids, Walmart Parking Lots, lots of concerts, as well as some good times on the way to our concerts. We have been so blessed with these wheels that God provided at the right time and place for us to tour with. So hope you can catch up on some of our travels at BauerTour!

New Touring Wheels

January 24, 2010

Well, we just signed the deal for our new set of touring wheels. We are so excited that now we will have a little more room on the road as we tour across North America this new year! Our prayers were that God would bring us the right RV along at the right time…and did He ever! We are super pumped that everything came together for this to come our way and are excited to see how God will use this new touring vehicle to bring people closer to Him in the coming months. Now all we have to do is wait for the snow to melt so we can bring it home from storage and get it tuned up and ready for the road this Spring/Summer! I can’t wait to see you all and share some new songs with you this new year! May you find times of refreshment amidst the busyness of life! I started to write in a journal to help put my thoughts and prayers down a little more clearly.

Are you guys doing anything new this year to help you slow down and reflect on God? I’d love to hear it!

New Baby, Music and Website - What are the chances?

December 3, 2009

Well it has been a month of news. Last week we had our second little baby… her name is Avalynn Elizabeth (Avalynn is with a soft A sound if you were wondering). I heard that the local radio station announced her birth and they were having a big discussion on how to prounounce the name. Well that should hopefully answer any open questions. With Avalynn and Emerson, our family now feels complete. Complete, but VERY tired. Andrea and I had forgotten how tired we were with Emerson…now it all comes back to us! But all in all, our family is doing awesome and the new little baby is such a blessing.

The new music is finally here. I am so excited for you guys to pick up a copy of the new EP “Light of Another World”. It has four new songs, two being worship focused and two being more artist driven songs. It is a side to Jon Bauer that maybe you haven’t heard before. I’m really excited with the growth from project to project and I can’t wait for you to hear the new songs.

The new website is also here! I hope you take a moment to look around the site and explore a little bit. Check out the videos and pics and even a PROMOTE page where you can help us get the word out about the music.

Well till we talk again…blessing on you my friends and enjoy the snow (if you live in Canada).