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• Quinn Davis • Associate Pastor Rocky Mountain Calvary Chapel – Calgary, AB

What a blessing the ministry of Jon Bauer has been to us and to many who I have talked to. There is no question the Lord’s hand is upon Jon as he demonstrates the character of Christ in so many ways. Jon has a love that is contagious and genuine. He is sensitive to the Holy Spirit and to the needs of the people he ministers to. I love his real relationship with Jesus and how it is so evident in his music, worship and communication. We have enjoy his ministry and welcome the opportunity to have him join us again. He is not only a blessing but a true ambassador of Jesus! I would highly recommend any church welcome the opportunity to experience and enjoy what the Lord the life of His servant – Jon Bauer. Thank you Jon for your faithful service to our Lord and King – Jesus!

• Malcom Wilde • Senior Pastor Calvary Chapel Merritt Island – Merritt Island, FL

The weekend following Easter of (2013) we were blessed to have Jon Bauer minister at Calvary Chapel of Merritt Island. Jon travels with his family in an RV and they are very easy to work with. Jon joined with some of our worhsip leaders(musicians) and lead with them for each of our Sunday morning services. On Sunday afternoon, Jon did a seminar for the worship team members and tech support for the worship ministry. Sunday evening he led worship and shared with the congregation.

His style of ministry is upbeat and relevant to the congregation. The seminar was very encouraging to the people who attended. I would recommend that you have Jon to minister at your fellowship if the opportunity ever presents itself. you will be blessed. In Jesus’ Love. Malcom.

• Tim Cressman • Worship Pastor Bluewater Baptist Church – Sarnia, ON

It was with a small degree of trepidation that we prepared for Jon to come to our church (we don’t typically use outside worship leaders – especially playing with our own band!) since we had heard some awkward stories about playing with “pro” musicians.

Jon was an absolute delight, however! Unassuming and humble, Jon worked with our team and made the whole experience enjoyable! His stories and obvious heart for God’s plan in the world made him easy to listen to! We thoroughly enjoyed having him at Bluewater! We learned a lot from playing with him and would recommend him without reservation to any church!

• Marv Penner • Executive Director • Youth Specialties/YouthWorks! Canada

We recently had the privilege of working with Jon Bauer and his band at the Canadian Youth Workers Convention in Vancouver, BC. After almost forty years of doing youth ministry and hosting many national events, we’ve had the opportunity to work closely with a wide variety of artists in various settings. Working with Jon was pure joy! As a worship leader he brought excellence to our event and created a context that led us into God’s presence in a rich and meaningful way.

Of course, musical ability is only one part of the equation in a situation like this. Even more important was the spiritual sensitivity we saw in Jon and the personal integrity that marked his character at every step of the way. Working with Jon was effortless. He was flexible, relaxed, servant-hearted and committed to team-play. There was a kind gentleness that we experienced with Jon that oozed humility and set a positive tone both backstage and onstage.

I can recommend Jon and his ministry without reservation. He’s a “low-maintenance” servant-leader who delivers a high-quality worship experience without a hint of entitlement or self-serving…a rare find among people who spend their lives in the spotlight.

• Marty McCall • Worship Pastor/Artist (First Call) • McLean Bible Church • Vienna, VA

I recently had the privilege of ministering with Jon Bauer at my church. I had received a copy of his CD and wanted to speak with him on the phone about his ministry and heart for worship. From our first conversation it was very clear that Jon’s priorities are centered solely on glorifying Jesus and blessing the body of Christ. We worked long distance on a worship set that we could lead together and in addition Jon would sing a couple of features in our four services. He also sent me a new original worship song, which I loved and introduced to the congregation before he came to town. Of course, we used it in our set and our people enjoyed being led by the writer.

I have to say that throughout our many calls and emails Jon’s godly attitude and heart never wavered. Jon was always cooperative, sensitive to our needs, and wanting to serve us however he could. He was a great communicator and provided charts and mp3s for our musicians promptly. Jon’s excellence and consistency during the planning process was surpassed only by his visit with us. He was focused, considerate, punctual, and a joy to work with. Our congregation loved his tender heart for worship, his great songs, and his wonderful voice (which never faltered throughout multiple services).

Jon also blessed us at our monthly “open mic” night with songs and sharing. He was flexible and versatile and proved that he is able to follow the leading of the spirit in any setting. I would highly recommend using Jon in any ministry setting and I plan to bring him back to our church as soon as I can.

•Richard Blackaby, PhD • Author/Speaker • President – Blackaby Ministries International

Jon Bauer is a pleasure to work with. Not only is he an outstanding musician, he is also an awesome Christian. Not only will he impact you through his marvelous music, he will bless you by his Christ-like spirit.

• Dave Huber • Program Director • Trinity Baptist Church • Kelowna, BC

Through this past season, we have had the privilege to have Jon Bauer lead our church in worship as a guest artist. When artists/guest worship leaders are highly recommended, there is a level of anxiety as church leaders in the unknown of how this individual will lead, the posture in which they will lead and the level of excellence in both musicianship and giftedness in connecting with the audience. We were so pleasantly surprised in how Jon not only instantly put us at ease but also, far surpassed any of our expectations.

Each of our weekend services are unique in nature. Saturday night is a more informal and intimate which is a stark contrast to the first Sunday service (The Classic) that honors far more traditional values. The second Sunday service is more mainstream, culturally relevant and substantially larger than the pervious two. In each of these services Jon adapted his song set and his interaction with the audience to best meet the needs of each service. This is a rare gift. Jon’s ability to read an audience and to take them on a worship journey makes him far more than a worship leader; he is a true worship pastor! As well, his ability to lead our volunteer musicians and vocalist that rounded out the worship teams was effortless. He values their uniqueness and always calls the best out of them.

It has been a true privilege to partner with Jon in the past and look forward to having him be a part of our ministry in the years to come. If you are looking for a guest artist/worship leader and have not had the opportunity of working with Jon before, let me help you out… Use him! You will be glad you did.

• Derek Keenan, Ed. D – Vice President – Academic Affairs • Association of Christian Schools International

Jon Bauer has the wonderful gift combination of excellence in music, and excellence in performer/worship leader and audience communication. His very natural weaving of song, prayer, and the Word “sets the table” for speakers and presenters. He is very well prepared and cooperative with the planned schedule. His willingness to adjust at a moment’s notice is a blessing to event organizers. He portrays humility of spirit, a sense of humor, and great personableness. Jon’s music ministry was a great blessing and asset to our program and we would utilize him again and highly recommend him to others.

• Tracy Dunham • Worship Pastor • Millwoods Pentecostal Assembly • Edmonton, AB

We recently had Jon Bauer and his worship team in our church to lead our Sunday morning ChangePoint services. These services are unique in style and age demographic, something that we carefully monitor and are aware of, and a fact that makes it difficult to bring in a musical guest that doesn’t know our DNA. However, having Jon leading us in these services was anything but a gamble. He far exceeded our expectations and it was a joy to have him here.

Jon has the unique ability to connect with audiences of all ages, and does so out of a life and heart dedicated to serving well. He was candid and honest with our congregation and our pastoral team was so pleased to see the people totally engaged with his message. Jon led us thoughtfully, humbly and with confidence. And as an added bonus, the team that he brought with him served with the same ministry heart.
I can enthusiastically recommend Jon and his team and his ministry to your church. He is committed to serve and not to his own agenda and I know you will find him to be a blessing to your church.

• Dr. Tim Schroeder • Senior Pastor • Trinity Baptist Church • Kelowna, BC

This past weekend Trinity was privileged to have Jon Bauer join us as Guest Worship Leader and Artist. I use the word “privileged” or “blessed” intentionally. Serving as a Guest Worship Leader is a daunting task in an era where individual congregations are so unique in their worship styles and musical favorites. Trinity uses three different worship styles over the course of a weekend and Jon sensitively and wisely served each congregation.

Jon’s contagious love for Jesus and passion for leading people in worship quickly overcomes obstacles and he quickly engages the congregation and leads them into genuine worship.

I fully endorse Jon in his ministry and am able to commend him to you. His commitment to the ministry of World Vision was also sensitively and naturally introduced in an inviting and non-threatening manner. I consider Jon to be a gift to the Church and commend him to you.

• Scott Vincent • Senior Pastor • Calvary Chapel Lynnwood • Lynnwood, WA

I want to recommend Jon Bauer to you for ministry opportunities you might be considering. We had Jon and his band in our church the Fall of 2007 and it truly was a blessed time. Jon comes first and foremost as one who loves Christ and puts Him first in His life and ministry, and the same isi true of the band members. They all have humble and grateful attitudes. His goal in his music and ministry is Jesus and the others would come to know Him and worship and serve Him.We had Jon do worship and special music for a 1 Day Men’s Rally and the guys love it. We also had him do our Wednesday night mid-week service, where he lead the Body in a time of worship, some songs just with the band, and he shared. Again the Body was blessed.

Jon songs are fresh, worshipful, and he is very sensitive to those attending making sure they can enter in. I recommend Jon with no hesitation for ministry opportunities with you.

• Bob Jones • Senior Pastor • Central Pentecostal Tabernacle • Edmonton, AB

Its about 5 hours after our morning celebration service has ended. I’m reflecting on the natural abilities of some people to create instant rapport with a group of strangers. Jon Bauer is one of those people who can stand up before a crowd of strangers and make immediate connection. Central’s church family loved him today! His genuine devotion to God blends well with his superlative vocal and instrumental abilities. Jon has put together a tight band of people who are committed to their purpose of facilitating worship with excellence. I had received a copy of Jon’s CD as a Christmas gift from a child in our church family. She wanted me to hear her “teacher” and to see if he could come to our church and sing. It was an easy decision to follow through on and one that our church family is glad I made. We would certainly have Jon and his band back anytime.

• Curtis Mulder • Worship Pastor • New Hope Church • Chapel Hill, NC

I’ve known Jon going on 6 years now and have had many opportunities to sit under his worship leadership. He is a gifted leader whose heart beats strongly for things above. His lyrics are honest, raw and geniune expressions from one who is captured by Christ’s love. My favorite song of his is definitely “Life of Worship.” As a fellow worship leader, the lyrics in this song so accurately describe how I want to live my life. Way to go, Jon!

• Darren Platt • Pastor of Adult Ministry/Worship • Steele Heights Baptist Church • Edmonton, AB

Jon Bauer recently (spring 2006) came and held two worship concerts at our church during the weekend services. It was a wonderful time as we witnessed God’s Spirit touching lives, people responding by sponsoring World Vision children and an individual entering into a personal relationship with Jesus. The music and worship was great! Jon introduced our church to some of his own inspired songs, incorporated some multi-media and led us in a worship-style concert playing a mix of worship chorus and hymns. It was a real Colossians 3:16 event as we also included a short evangelistic sermon.

Another benefit we received from Jon’s ministry is that it was both challenging and encouraging for our worship teams to watch and learn from Jon and his band. They are very professional in their musical abilities, and together with Jon’s passion for worship and Christ, made it a dynamic worship experience.

It was a pleasure working with Jon and I found him to be very co-operative, insightful and Christ-like in attitude. We’re hoping to have him return again in the future.

• Jeremy Putz • Senior Pastor • Central Baptist Church • Edmonton, AB

I’ve known and have led worship with Jon for the past 8 years. I can honestly say that his heart beats strong for God and his passion is to see others find the same heart. The songs that have been pouring out from Jon’s heart and his leadership are refreshing to the body of Christ. Jon’s lyrics reveal an immediate sense that he knows the word of God and desires to live in obedience to it. My prayer is that Jon’s songs will be used by God in the softening of hearts towards the name of Jesus all around the world that many would see and hear and put their trust in God.

• Marg Varga • Principal • St. Martin’s Catholic School • Vegreville, AB

Jon Bauer is a remarkable young man. His ability to relate to children, his music talents and his love of God, are gifts that he readily shares with his audiences. Our Catholic school was looking for a Mission team to lead the annual Student Faith Reflection Day. A number of our staff had heard Jon at the Teachers Convention in Edmonton and came back last February saying “This was the man to bring to our school. He was awesome”. We contacted Jon, not knowing if he would even consider a day with us, requiring not a concert but a day of song, story, and the sharing of faith. Jon and his band exceeded our expectations. He worked with the theme that the school had set for the year. He wrote a skit for the children to help deliver the messages of the day. He worked with large group and small group. He was even willing to come to the final celebration at the local church and lead us in opening and closing songs. He engaged in emails back and forth until the day was a good fit for the school as well as his band. The children absolutely loved the day with him. His songs got everyone involved. His stories and message were perfect for the age group of K-6. H was a real hit with all the students. Our recent delivery of the CD’s the children bought was a reliving of the special day we had with him. Our morning music over the intercom are the songs that Jon sang with us. He was so generous that he made a CD for us to use with the children in music class.

In short, we really enjoyed working with Jon. He truly is a teacher and a musician, but most importantly a man of faith, a role model for children. We will certainly look to have him back again.

• Roland Rempel • Vice Principal • Cedars Christian School • Prince George, BC

Wow! We were so privileged to host Jon Bauer and his worship team at our school. He led our school in two worship sessions, one for the High School and the other for the Elementary School. Both worship sessions were excellent as music was awesome and God was honoured during our time together. There was a clear biblical message at each session that was easily grasped by each student. It would be our pleasure to have Jon Bauer and his worship team back at Cedars Christian School.

• Todd Bekolay • Logos Department Head/Teacher • Hardisty School • Edmonton, AB

On behalf of the students and staff at Hardisty and Fulton Place schools, I would like to sincerely thank-you for your leadership at our chapel service. Your energy, enthusiasm and most of all your evident love for the Lord made this a worthwhile experience for our students. As Christian educators, I firmly believe that we have an obligation to keep the word of God alive and meaningful for our students. You did a great job of assisting us with this plan.

Your message was so appropriate for the students. The musical selections were familiar and ones that students knew and enjoyed singing. We appreciate your leadership and the level of quality in which you presented and involved students in worship.

There is still a “BUZZ” in the building thanks to you!

• Sheldon Smith • Camp Director • Circle Square Ranch • Halkirk, AB

Here at Circle Square Ranch we hosted a teen camp of high school and college age young people. They were a mixture of both churched and unchurched teenagers that were for the most part eager to grow in their relationship with God. We wanted to spend one evening during our camp to teach a little more about worship and bring in a band that could lead the teens in worship and celebrating their relationship with God. We heard about Jon Bauer and his band on the internet and decided to invite them to join us. In our first phone conversations we found the group very easy to work with and willing to adapt to fit into our camp schedule. They were even able to prepare a few specific songs that our teens were familiar with, along with the other new songs that they wanted to teach.

When Jon Bauer and the band began the worship songs for the evening, our staff and teens joined in almost immediately with enthusiasm and heartfelt worship and praise. The band itself was modern in their worship style and also very “tight” and “professional” as far as the quality of music goes. But the best part was that they were very sincere and honest in their presentation and style of leading. We did not want our teens to just experience another typical “high” or hyped up experience, but when Jon began to lead in his humble way it seemed to create a genuine atmosphere for the teens to express themselves to God.

Near the end of the worship evening Jon had the teens quiet down for a few minutes while he explained how God had been helping him to understand what true worship is really all about. He told our teens that worship is much more than singing or dancing or those types of outward things, but their attitudes and actions and the way they treat people should be an expression of worship and thankfulness to God. It was a short but effective message for the teens to hear.

We are thankful that Jon and his band were able to come and join in our teen week and we would highly recommend them to any other camp or church groups. From start to finish we found them easy to work with and would say that they genuinely wanted join in our camp in a way that helped and served the program. We will not hesitate to contact Jon Bauer again next time we want someone lead our teens or staff in worship.

• Jon Buller• Worship Pastor/Recording Artist/Juno Award Nominee • Vernon Alliance Church• Vernon, BC

Recently we had Jon Bauer and his team in our church to lead us in worship. They did a great job! Not only did they bless us musically and with encouraging words and stories, but they are a group with a servants heart. It was clear to me that Jon and team had the interests of our community at heart, and went out of their way to seek God’s direction for how to serve with everything from song and story to set up and tear down. Great hearts and great ministry!

• Heather Isaac• Marketing/Communication Director • Campus Crusade for Christ Canada • Vancouver, BC

We annually hold a conference for our Canadian Staff and at this year’s conference, Jon led our staff in times of worship. Our staff appreciated Jon immensely, and were greatly blessed to have him and his band join us. Jon effortlessly engaged the audience, and drew them into the worship experience alongside him. His heart for the Lord was evident, and his humbleness and transparency were deeply appreciated. Thank you so much Jon for coming and serving alongside our conference team!

• Wilma Vander Leek • Executive Assistant • CrossRoads Church • Red Deer, AB

We were so blessed by his leading. He connected immediately with the congregation, he engaged them and opened the gates for them to ‘enter into worship’. His heart was to be useful in leading worship in our setting, to be in tune with the spirit, and to have the congregation comfortable with him leading. He was such a blessing to us and we hope to have him come back in the future.