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Roots of Worship (NOW SHIPPING)

I am blessed that the Lord has given me the privilege to lead His people in worship over the last 18 years, in 15 countries, on 5 continents. Each time I lead in worship it fills me with a renewed sense of awe of Jesus, as I join with fellow believers in praise of our Creator. While I was creating this album, the analogy of trees, roots, and worship was planted in my mind. Much like a tree lifting its branches up to the sun, each worshipper raises his voice up to the One who is Life. Like the different trees in each country, each worshipper is unique – different shapes, ages, cultures, and languages. This album is a collection of the songs that I have led in worship around the world, in many languages and cultures, but with the same heart of worship. As you live a life of worship may your roots continue to grow deeper in Jesus.
~ Jon

$11.99 (Canada/US)